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Reception 2018 Open Evenings - 18th Oct @2pm/2nd Nov@6pm
Welcome to Northfield Manor Primary Academy. On 1st August 2015 we became part of Victoria Academies Trust. If you would like to know more about the Trust, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Staff list

Northfield Manor Primary Academy - Staff list and responsibilities 

Leadership team

Mrs S Pennington Headteacher; School development; Standards; Child Protection; Educational Visits.
Mrs Jenny Cockerill Deputy Head; Curriculum/Policies; Child Protection; DT for LAC.
Mrs Donna McCarty Assistant Head; KS2 Phase Leader; Science
Mrs Pam Smith Assistant Head; KS1 Phase Leader; Cover Arrangements.


Teaching Staff

Miss Sarah Boyle Yr6

Yr 6 Coordinator

Mr Adam Jenkins Yr 6


Miss Lindsey Rowe Yr 5


Miss Emily Fouracre Yr 5


Miss Rachel Wright Yr 4

Learning Challenges & Art

Mr Jon Adams Yr 4


Mrs Rachel Young Yr 3

Performing Arts & Art

Mrs Anne Barker

Computing; Website

Miss Charlotte Holden Yr 2


Miss Natalie Sutton Yr 2


Miss Eleanor Howes Yr 1


Miss Molly O'Brien Yr 1


Mrs Jen Foxall Reception

Foundation Leader

Mrs Step Blaker Reception

RE/Life Skills

Mrs Libby Gray Yr 6


Mr Paul Rowland

DT; Forest School; PPA

Mrs Sara Westwood

Yr1; PPA

Miss Anna Freeman



Teaching Assisitants

Mrs Gemma Fox HLTA Miss Tracey Gretton HLTA Mrs Helen Whitaker HLTA Miss Carol Wilde HLTA
Mrs Dawn Delves Mrs Sarah Haycock Mrs Kim Clarke Mrs Sam Evans
Mr Grayson Ellis Mrs Chris McManus Mrs Martha Clifton Mrs Mandeep Hayer
Miss Sarah Edwards Mrs Phoebe Nicholls Mrs Julie Noakes Mr Jason Keley
Mr Liam Carr Miss Lynne Holden Mrs Louise Galvin


Lunchtime Supervisors

Ms Laraine Watts (Senior) Miss Maria Galloway Mrs Heather Pickering Mrs Lesley Kimberley
Mrs Lesley Jones Mrs Lisa Fitzpatrick Mrs Jackie Round Ms Karen Bridge
Miss Mellisa Purcell Mrs Louise Galvin Miss Sarah Eggleton Mrs Sarsh Ahmed


Support Staff

Mr Ray Young

Building Site Supervisor

Mrs Jackie Jordan

Senior Office Manager

Mrs Lorraine Noke

Senior Secretary

Mr Hamzah Romaine 

ICT Technician

Mrs Nicky Taylor

Clerical Assistant

Mrs Mandy Sheldon

Senior Learning Mentor;

Attendance; DSL; Behaviour

Miss Maria Galloway

General Assistant 

Mr Fabian Willis

IT Apprentice


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Sarah Tonks


Mrs Sheila Richards 


Ms Toniea Chadler


Mrs J Whittington Miss Melanie Whittington Mr Maxwell Menka
Mrs Mandy Hemsley


Breakfast Club

Mrs Donia Al-Tamimi Mrs Lesley Kimberley Miss Maria Galloway
Ms Karen Bridge    


Staff List 2017-18