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Welcome to Northfield Manor Primary Academy. On 1st August 2015 we became part of Victoria Academies Trust. If you would like to know more about the Trust, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

World Book Day 2016

World Book Day Evaluation feedback

I just want to start off by saying a massive thank you for EVERYONE’s effort yesterday! The displays look absolutely amazing and the children had a wonderful day!

Here are some of the comments made by parents.

  1. “Really lovely to see the children’s work!”
  2. “It was really lovely to see what the children have been getting up to, and even better to hear Alfie had a good day. (he doesn’t tell me much himself.)” Frank 1
  3. “Really lovely to see both your own children’s work and the work of the other classes. Lovely to see great hard work and creativity achieved. Thank you.”
  4. “It was beautifully set out. The staff were able to show me where my children’s work was. Wonderful!”
  5. “Very good!”
  6. “It was lovely to see the children’s work. The Narnia snow scene was beautiful.”
  7. “All the work was really well displayed and you could see how hard the children had worked. It was lovely that my child could show me his work and talk about it. Thank you. “
  8. “A lovely display. Someone has been working really hard!”
  9. “I am so amazed of his work! Well done. I am so happy that he won the prize for the bookmark!”
  10. “It was great to see all of the different classes work on display!”
  11. “I absolutely love to see the fantastic work the children do in school.”
  12. “It is always lovely to see the children’s work and was of an excellent standard. Well done children!”
  13. “It looked like the children worked very hard and really enjoyed their day!”
  14. “It was a beautiful day. All the children were dressed lovely and the teachers too!”
  15. “The children’s work on display was outstanding. The displays were lovely and the children on the doors were polite and enthusiastic.”
  16. “I was very impressed by the quality of work produced by all the classes. Very polite helpers on the door too.”
  17. “The work is fantastic! So colourful and adventurous. The children have really worked hard and you can see how much they have enjoyed themselves.
  18. “It is such an amazing event! To be able to see your child’s hard work and to know what they are capable of when sometimes we don’t realise their creativity at home. Well done teachers.”


WELL DONE to everyone! All of these positive comments reflect how hard you all worked yesterday!

Thank you so much for your support!

Miss Boyle